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Research Update

For many years we have supported the research of Dr. Renier Brentjens. The gene therapy techniques developed by Dr. Brentjens and his team using CAR T cell immunotherapy have led to some very promising results and remissions in patients with advanced B cell cancers. These techniques and therapies are now being further developed and applied to other types of cancer.  

Dr. Brentjens recently became Deputy Director and Chair of the Department of Medicine at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in his hometown of Buffalo, New York and he remains a trusted adviser on cancer research to the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (New York City).

Dr. Brentjens remains a trusted adviser on cancer research to the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (New York City).

We are continuing to support leading edge research in immunotherapy through our support of Dr. Anthony Daniyan and his team who have worked with Dr. Brentjens at MSKCC for many years.  Dr Daniyan is a member of MSKCC’s Cellular Therapeutics Center working to develop the next generation of CAR T cell immunotherapy.  In Dr. Daniyan’s words:

For almost a decade, I have been working on projects that elevate the body’s ability to recognize and fight cancer. While this wasn’t always my career path, Dr. Renier Brentjens recruited me after working together on one rotation. When I started with him, I presented several research projects expecting one to be a good idea. All were approved to move forward!

It wasn’t long before I started working with the funds raised by the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (NYC). These donations gave me the freedom to test new hypotheses very quickly. Because of the funding, my projects moved ahead in record speed. I am pleased to announce one of those initial projects is now open and recruiting patients for AML, a historically deadly cancer. Without your funding, this work would be five to six years behind. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s run." 

For more information regarding Dr. Daniyan, please click here.

The researchers at MSKCC, Dr Brentjens and Dr. Daniyan express their heartfelt thanks for making this possible, and for keeping your faith in their work. 

Your efforts are making a real difference in the lives and prospects of cancer patients.

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